Is your team struggling to get along?


To survive, horses rely on the herd, which has one natural leader. Our interactive skill development program will help team members learn the importance of non-verbal communication - including body language and observation skills; identify and develop strong leadership skills and work together as a team to achieve their goals.
Communication skills from a horse
Our programs take place in the great outdoors 
Research shows that learning that takes place in a different environment is more likely to contribute to sustained changes in behaviour. Our horse property in Galston offers your team a refreshing change from their usual workplace. Catering for corporate groups of up to 18, you can combine several exercises for a one-day team building workshop; choose a single exercise to suit your core values and needs or try our 10 week BuildingBlock™ skills development program.
Learn in our outdoor classroom
Are you looking for a different way to engage your team? Do you need to boost communication, teamwork and leadership skills? Welcome to Sydney's most memorable team building experience that will not only deliver measurable results, but also give your team a positive and unique learning experience.


Our teachers have the answer!
As prey animals, horses respond instantly to their environment. With their need to live in the moment for survival, horses are the ultimate teachers of mindfulness. Through working with their horse, your group will develop an understanding of building relationships focussing on respect, communication and trust - you can't force a 500kg horse to do anything that it doesn't want to!
The sheer size and presence of a horse creates an unforgettable learning experience.
Learning experiences that have an emotional impact are more likely to lead to actual changes in behaviour that last beyond the event itself. The very different experience your team will have from working with horses will help them see things from a different perspective and address everyday issues in a new way - making this the best corporate team building activity out there!
Memorable learning outdoors
Communication skills from a horse
Our goal at HORSEPOWER skills for life is to share the benefits of learning from horses.
We are delighted to offer our PAY IT FORWARD! program, donating a half day program to a less advantaged school for each 8 week curriculum program booked by a school or corporate group.

“Working with the horses creates such a unique team building experience - it was excellent!”

Justin Hooper, Managing Director and Financial Strategist, Sentinel Wealth Management Pty Ltd

"Companies are beginning to look at using horse handling to help with team dynamics. Equine assisted learning is huge in Canada and it's just starting to attract corporate interest here. It's about getting large, intelligent but stubborn creatures to do what you want - just like dealing with humans"
Jon Williams, Global Leader, PWC People, QBusiness, Qantas Spirit of Australia magazine, March 2016

"The best part of the experience was interacting with the horses and our team. The experience was a lot more exciting and definitely required a lot more participation and engagement than other team building activities."

Fran, Puppy Educator Supervisor,

Assistance Dogs Australia

"I enjoyed connecting with another creature. The program focussed less on competitiveness and more on communication and connection."

Diane Smith, Sentinel Wealth

"I loved the time with the beautiful horses and seeing other people's communication styles!"

Melissa Oliver, Sentinel Wealth

"I enjoyed the chance to be around animals with colleagues. The horse centres and calms any challenges/personality frictions in a way that cannot happen with humans alone."

Fiona Corner, Major Gifts Manager,

Assistance Dogs Australia

"The highlight was interacting with the horses and learning more about their behavior and reactions. It was more challenging than expected, especially because the horses have their own personalities and lose focus if they become bored."

Sarah, Client Services Officer, CAF Australia (Charities Aid Foundation)

"We developed awareness around listening to others and the importance of team cooperation. Being outdoors doing something different was great. I found the debrief insightful."

Lisa Grinham, CEO, CAF Australia

"It was a unique team building activity, interacting with an animal I've always been afraid of. It made me interact with the team in a different manner. I had an amazing time."

Ruby, Assistant Accountant, CAF Australia

"I enjoyed seeing my colleagues out of the office in a different environment - and comfort zone! It was hands on and you really are pushed to make teamwork happen. The experience allows you to see your work colleagues differently."

Rachael, Charity Relations Manager,

CAF Australia