IMAGINE what the future WOULD BE LIKE if we prepared our youth with skills for life?
Self esteem, confidence building, choice making and teamwork - all with a horse as your teacher!
Our interactive youth programs promote positive leadership, empathy and kindness and encourage responsibility, creativity and laughter.
Building life skills
Anti bullying program
Leadership skills
For tomorrow's leaders: 
students making the transition from primary to high school; students becoming year 6 primary school leaders and high school students becoming peer support or school leaders, we offer programs which develop leadership skills.
Horses are an ideal educational tool for work with young people. Once a child understands the basic principles of working with a horse, he or she can become the leader that the horse seeks.
Our anti-bullying program teaches communication skills, assertiveness and teamwork for all students in a neutral, fun and non-threatening environment. Our programs also help students with anxiety and confidence issues, giving them an "armour" of life skills with which to face the world.
Both victims and bullies often exhibit poor communication skills. Our programs give training in social skills, improving communication, emotional wellbeing and raising
self esteem.
Our youth programs for ages 9 to 12 and 13 to 18 focus on life skills development. Working in teams with their horse, participants follow our Building Block™ curriculum program - a series of exercises designed to build skills in teamwork, choices, communication, trust, respect, focus, body language and problem solving.
Programs run over 8-12 weeks, with each session building on skills developed in the one before.
One-off sessions are also offered and can be tailored to focus on a particular objective.

Ella, 9 years old, year 4

"At first I was a bit nervous because the horses were so big, but when I'd finished I was so happy because the horses were gentle and kind and I realised we couldn't do our tasks unless we worked as a team. I felt really good inside because I could do it and I didn't need to be scared because the horses helped me. It was the best experience I've ever had."


"I really enjoyed the communication aspect of the program. At first we had trouble getting our horse to complete the task and we all had a different idea on what we should do. It taught us to stop and listen to each other and try the other teammates' ideas. It was fun, too!"

Oliver, 18 years old, year 11

“At times I was frustrated because my team - the horse and my teammate - struggled to complete the task. But when we persevered and worked together and tried different things, we found a way to do the task. The feeling of frustration disappeared and we felt really proud of ourselves and were excited to move onto the next obstacle. We knew we could do more if we worked the same way together, as a team."

Tom, 11 years old, year 6

Not sure how the horse can be the teacher? Take a look at the video above!

"Horses are like big, silent humans, just be chill and get on with it. Learning from a horse is weird because you aren't necessarily learning new information (they don't talk) but more how to handle yourself. It is an interesting way to learn new skills as, at least for me, it is very different to what I am used to in my daily life."

Annie, 18 years old, year 12