Kate Williams
EAL certified facilitator
Kate's horse, Indi, inspired her to train as an equine assisted learning facilitator, as she found that interacting with him had a positive affect on everyone who met him. 
With a background in publishing and communications, Kate is interested in how working with horses enhances our awareness of non verbal communication and gives us skills we can use in everyday life. Kate also runs the community arm of HORSEPOWER skills for life to share leadership and anti-bullying programs with less advantaged schools and young people. 
Tana Subotic-Holmes
EAL certified facilitator
Tana has been focussed on horses from an early age, moving from competitive riding to coaching and running her own horse business.
Tana uses equine assisted learning to work with disadvantaged children and those with low self-esteem. She has a particular interest in horse rehabilitation, helping abused horses to gain confidence.  
Tana has recently welcomed the newest member of HORSEPOWER skills for life, with the arrival of her daughter, Eden.

"Our mission is to create a safe place for our clients to learn and grow. We help them to build the essential skills they need for their careers, goals and work environments. Through the power of this magnificent animal, the horse, and the facilitators at HORSEPOWER, we empower people to reach their full potential."


Indi is an 18 year old Appaloosa gelding. Bred in Tasmania, he competed in polo cross and showing, winning Tasmanian Show Horse of the Year. Indi crossed the Tasman to live in Sydney six years ago. An outstanding temperament and a real love of people (he likes to lick you!) make Indi an exceptional equine assisted learning horse. Before he hung up his saddle, Indi loved showjumping and trail rides. 
Lakhota is the strong, silent type. Bigger than Indi, he is a solid chestnut quarter horse, who is 16 years old and has enjoyed a successful competition career. Lakhota is Indi's paddock buddy and they love to hang out together, grazing in the shade. When he's not enjoying his Equine Assisted Learning sessions, Lakhota likes a quiet trail ride through the bush or a peaceful grooming session.
Missy is a 21 year old Welsh mare - but don't let her age fool you - she still enjoys a showjumping round or two! Although small in size, Missy is full of personality and is lots of fun to be around. In her spare time you will find Missy either asleep in her paddock or having a nice graze. She is friendly, happy to have a cuddle and loves treats.
Azou is a 14 year old warmblood/thoroughbred with a sweet and gentle nature. He is very popular with EAL participants. Azou has enjoyed a successful competition career all around New South Wales, where he loved to ride cross country. These days Azou is enjoying EAL, giving confidence to new riders and enjoying lazy days in his paddock.
Office Manager
You may meet Beano when you come to the farm for a workshop. He is a six year old German Shorthair Pointer who loves to be involved with day to day activities around the horses. He likes you to kick a soccer ball for him and often brings the ball to the horses in the hope that they will kick it!
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