Learning life skills from a horse
"Today I learned I have to think really hard to see their body language.
Today I learned that Indi is good at listening and he is trustworthy.
I loved this course a lot and I hope I can do one more later on."
Caleb, age 11
"Horses are like big, silent humans. Just be chill and get on with it. Learning from a horse is weird, because you aren’t necessarily learning new information (they don’t talk) but more how to handle yourself. It is an interesting way to learn new skills as, at least for me, it is very different to what I am used to in my daily life."
Annie, Year 12 student
Corporate team building
Straight from the human's mouth! Testimonials fresh from the arena


"Our experience with this course can only be described as outstanding! My son has Aspergers and suffers from depression and anxiety. He mainly suffers in the area of social engagement. He cannot meet peoples' gaze, cannot read their tone of voice and is unable to gauge whether someone is angry, joking or otherwise. He had never been close to a horse in his life before meeting Indi. Over the six weeks we spent with Indi, my son changed. He learned to trust other people, he learned that its OK to think outside the box and adapt rules to solve problems. He learned that he is a capable and trustworthy person, an effective leader and a reliable team member."
Margaret, parent
Indi the appaloosa

“I will carry the experience away with me and reflect on it in terms of my own relationships.”

"Because of his Aspergers, everything in my son’s mind is black and white. I don’t mean colour, I mean that everything is interpreted in extremes... there is no grey area. Wrong or right! Good or bad! Clever or stupid! The understanding that most people have; that mistakes are made and rules are bent (and sometimes broken) to achieve goals, does not exist in my son. Well, let’s say that they didn’t BEFORE Indi and the Skills for Life program.


Over the six weeks we spent with Indi and Kate, my son changed. He learned to trust other people. He learned that it’s okay to think outside the box and adapt the rules to solve problems. He learned that he is a capable and trustworthy person, an effective leader, a reliable team member and he learned to see things from other perspectives.


I learned too... I learned that my son enjoys the opportunity to take control and that I can trust him to do so. I realised that our approach to things, while very different, still accomplishes the outcome desired. It was an awe inspiring journey for me to watch the growing awareness in him that he is trustworthy and has a strong character. The realisation, in him, that the world does not end just because people want to do things differently and the understanding that there ARE ways to know what someone is trying to convey apart from their voice! That was beautiful to see because it releases him from the curse of perfection, it shows the grey areas between should do and can do; between ideal and achievable; between a good enough result and not trying out of fear of failure. He has learned that there is no success without failure because if you’ve never failed you’ve never tried. No one and nothing is perfect, not everything makes sense to everyone and life is about knowing this and still continuing to try. 


I learned that I have to encourage him in his trying, celebrate his successes, help him work through his failures and step back and let him go. It’s taken me 50 years for my part and 20 years for my son’s, for us both to learn that we are okay, life is okay and living is trying. 

The most amazing thing about all we’ve learned is... our teacher was a horse."

Margaret, parent


"Susie benefited from the course a lot.

First of all she has developed a really great friendship with her friend and team member, Izzy.  Both girls are quiet and not very social. They used to compete with each other over other friendships and thought that each other didn’t like the other.  

Now they have a great friendship and bond built on trust. Susie has learned to work in a team and has become more helpful at home.

Secondly she is more confident and takes on the lead a lot more. She is more social and talks a lot more.

Before the course Susie would keep to herself and be very moody.

Thanks for the opportunity for the girls to do your course, I would thoroughly recommend this course."

Clare, year 9 parent

HorsePower skills for life is amazing and fun. The horses are really friendly, especially Indi. Not only do you learn a lot about horses, but you learn about life skills. It's really helped me with relationships and I recommend others doing this course.

Sarah, year 9 student

"It was fantastic getting to learn and develop teamwork skills from Indi. It was a totally unique experience which asked for strong communication skills. It was amazing how instrumental your body language was in directing Indi and I will leave with a better understanding of the significance of body language and decisive communication to work with others effectively."

Ginger-Rose, year 12 student

"I really enjoyed working closely with Indi and learning to use body language, touch and sound to communicate with him. It was also really interesting and enjoyable to understand and work with the horse and his emotions/expressions. I’ve learned the value of teamwork, communication and understanding. Working in such a unique environment was eye-opening and I feel as though the skills learned here can be directly applied to life."

Bianca, year 12 student

"I think that Indi was extremely calm and comfortable around our group, which made this an extremely relaxed and positive experience. The value of communicating using alternative methods is very clearly one of the most valuable things working with a horse has taught me. It is encouraging to know that there are alternative methods of communication which have an equal if not greater impact than words. The obstacles progressed in difficulty, which I liked very much."

Paris, year 12 student

"Thank you so much for such a great course. I was really impressed with how professionally you ran it and of course how much Caleb and Lara enjoyed it. I have seen the positive effects from the course carry over into day to day life which is fantastic. Things like Caleb and Lara reflecting on their choices and being conscious about impacts of their decisions. The brief written component is really worthwhile and provides a great record of their thinking and experiences. I would (and do) highly recommend your course to anyone for their children. Indi is such a beautiful, gentle horse and it is such a wonderful way of learning some really important life skills."

Kristen, parent of 9 and 11 year olds

"I found HorsePower skills for life great. I have learned many valuable life skills and they have helped me in everyday life. The atmosphere is bright and I look forward to every session. HorsePower skills for life has inspired me and helped me in different areas of my life. Kate is a great instructor and Indi is a great horse as he listens to us.

Isabella, year 9 student